Can You Get A Painless Tooth Extraction?

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Can You Get A Painless Tooth Extraction?

Jul 02, 2021

The wisdom teeth, the last set of teeth that humans develop, sometimes form in the wrong position and can be a source of discomfort to people. This is one of the major reasons why people have their teeth extracted.

There are other reasons why a person can decide to get extractions in Port Hueneme. When a tooth begins to decay or gets an infection, a dentist can recommend that the teeth be extracted and replaced by an artificial tooth. If you have overcrowding in your teeth and you visit a Port Hueneme dental clinic, an extraction might be required to remove a tooth or some teeth to arrange the rest of the teeth. Less often, for people who are undergoing chemotherapy or an organ transplant, any tooth that is not healthy might have to be removed to make sure that their mouth is healthy.

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Tooth extraction can be a simple process as much as it can be a complex process. If the tooth to be extracted is broken, not visible on the surface, or has shifted, then the extraction procedure will be a complex one. Depending on how serious the extraction process is, you will be given either local, general, or intravenous anesthesia. In some cases, you will be given more than one anesthesia.

What does it cost to do a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a quick procedure so it does not too much. However, if your extraction is a complex one, you might spend more than the average cost for an extraction. An average extraction costs around $75 to $200. The price will vary depending on the dentist or oral surgeon that performs the process. Another thing that can cause the price to vary is the kind of anesthesia that is used during the process. For complex procedures, you can spend as much as $800 to $4000. Lastly, your location is another factor that can affect the price of the extraction. This is why you need a dentist in 93041 is recommended if you want to get an affordable extraction. You can also search for “dentist near me” to get other qualified dentists or surgeons if you are nowhere near Port Hueneme.

Stages of an Extraction

There are three stages of tooth extraction as with every other medical procedure. The stage before the extraction (pre-extraction), the extraction stage, and the time after the extraction (post-extraction).


Before the extraction, your dentist will do a thorough examination of your tooth. This examination will involve an X-ray to check for the part of the teeth that are not visible to the eyes. After this, the dentist can plan your extraction and give you a date to come in. to help the dentist prepare properly, inform the dentist if you are on any medications. If you are taking vitamins, supplements, or any other drugs, your dentist should be aware. It will help in planning for the extraction. Underlying health conditions or scheduled treatment using bisphosphonate should be communicated to the dentist. If extraction is carried out after using bisphosphonate, it could cause severe damage to the bones in your jaw. This is one of the many complications that could occur if you do not let your dentist know of your medical history before the operation.

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Another tip that your dentist will tell you before the extraction is that you should not eat or smoke before the extraction. Also, if you have a cold or you are vomiting on the day before the extraction, you may need to reschedule the extraction or be given another anesthesia.

The Extraction

As previously mentioned, extraction is usually a simple process. You are given anesthesia to kill pain receptors so you can only feel pressure being applied but you cannot feel pain. After getting the anesthesia, the tooth is loosened using an elevator and removed using forceps. However, if the tooth is broken or not visible, surgery will need to be carried out. For the surgery, you will get anesthesia that will make you unconscious throughout the surgery.


After the extraction, you will need to apply ice over the place where the tooth was extracted for a while to reduce swelling. Then, the dentist will prescribe medications if the need arises. The dentist will also give details on what and what not to do in the hours or days after the surgery.

Generally, the risks associated with tooth extraction are very few and you can get back to your daily routine after 24 to 48 hours.

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