Choosing Smile Makeover Options


At All Care Dental, we can help you to choose the smile makeover options that will improve your smile and enhance your overall appearance.  We understand how impactful a beautiful smile can be and how drastically it can improve your self-confidence.  If you are tired of hiding during picture time or are embarrassed to show off your teeth when you smile or speak, it is time to call (805) 259-1145 and schedule an appointment with our Port Hueneme, CA cosmetic dentist office.  When you come in, we will discuss the concerns that you have currently and what your goals are before examining you and taking x-rays.  We can then go over your options and work together to create a treatment plan.

When choosing smile makeover options, there are several things you should consider –

#1 How much time do you have?

As a 93041 cosmetic dentist, we have multiple solutions to treat similar problems.  Very often, the one that we recommend comes down to timing and how much time you actually have.  If you have an important event coming up like a wedding, we need to know about it.  If you can only take one day off of work, we need to know that as well.  Timing restrictions aren’t necessarily a problem but they must be factored in to ensure that everything is completed in time.  If you are in a hurry, we may recommend that you start with a teeth whitening procedure since this can be completed in one day.

#2 What are your objectives?

It helps to prioritize what you want to accomplish.  By telling us what your objectives are in order of importance, we can make recommendations that address those challenges, starting with the most important thing first.  For example, if you have a huge gap in between your teeth and also have a tooth that is too short, you may want to close the gap first.  In this case, we could recommend dental veneers to solve everything at one time or if you are on a budget, simply close the gap and address the sizing challenge at a later date.  The same is true for straightening your teeth.  You may want to use Invisalign® eventually but closing that gap will help for today.

#3 Are you on a budget?

If you have a set amount of money to work with, we need to know so that we can recommend solutions that fit within your budgetary constraints.  When getting a smile makeover, you should keep in mind that different materials and solutions have different price tags but there are typically ways to save. For example, tooth colored fillings and bonding material can be used to restore a chipped tooth now for less money.  You may want to have dental crowns put on later, but the less expensive solutions will work in the meantime.

Our Smile Makeover Options

When you visit our Port Hueneme, CA dental office, we can provide you with more information on our procedures including –

Teeth whitening.  This is the fastest and easiest way to improve your smile.  Teeth whitening is also incredibly affordable, making it a popular option among our 93041 patients.

Dental veneers.  To create a gorgeous Hollywood-style smile, try dental veneers.  They are bonded to the surface of your teeth and can do wonders to give you a flawless smile that rivals any celebrity.

Dental crowns.  If you have teeth that are also damaged, tooth colored dental crowns can protect and restore them.

Tooth colored fillings.  For a fast way to restore a tooth, tooth colored fillings can be placed in one visit.

Invisalign®.  At All Care Dental, we use Invisalign® to straighten teeth discreetly, giving you a beautiful smile that you will love to show off.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about your smile makeover options, call (805) 259-1145 and schedule a consultation with our Port Hueneme dental office.

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