A Dental Office Helps With Your Schedule


When you need to visit a family dentist, you should consider visiting our emergency dentist office. As a same day dentist in Port Hueneme, CA we understand that many of our patients do not have time to schedule appointments weeks or even months in advance. Busy work schedules, things that come up with a child's schooling, sports or other family obligations make it very difficult to know what you may be doing a week or 3 weeks from now. That's why at All Care Dental, we will do our best to schedule you for an appointment the same day that you call or at a time that is convenient for your schedule. If you live in the 93041 area simply call (805) 259-1145 and our office staff will do our best to find an appointment time that is convenient for you and your family.

There are several reasons you could need a same-day dentist appointment, including:

  • An accident that may cause damage to your tooth.
  • Waking up with a bad toothache that is causing you discomfort and creating a need to take Ibuprofen.
  • Having a special event come up that requires you to look and feel your very best including having a smile that you can be confident with.

Bring your child to our Port Hueneme emergency dentist office.

If your child has an accident while playing on the playground it is very likely that they may have cracked or chipped their tooth. The same is true for when they are playing sports after school or even when they're just playing at home. It is important that if this happens you bring them to our same day dentist office right away so that we can both examine and treat their damaged tooth.  In situations like these, time is of the essence because it allows us to not only eliminate any discomfort that they are feeling but it also allows us to prevent the likelihood of an infection forming in the damaged tooth. If an infection does occur it will require additional treatment that is both time-consuming and potentially inconvenient for your child's busy schedule. It is far better, therefore, to bring them to our office as soon as possible and at All Care Dental, we will schedule them right away.

Visiting our Port Hueneme emergency dentist office is superior to visiting the emergency room at the local Hospital Center.  The doctors at the local emergency room are highly trained professionals. However, they are not trained in how to treat damaged or infected teeth. We are. That is why you should always call our 93041 same day dentist office if you or someone in your family is having a problem with one or several teeth. As a same day dentist, we can help you to feel better right away where an emergency room doctor may only be able to prescribe pain medication. We will help you to feel better and stay that way because we will treat the root cause of the problem. As a family dentist, we can perform things like emergency root canals, correct a damaged tooth the same day with bonding material, or restore your teeth with more long-term solutions like dental crowns. Regardless of what solution you need we have the tools, experience, capabilities, and expertise to get the job done right. Additionally, we ensure that all of our Dental Restorations look as natural as possible. This makes our family dentist office incredibly popular with local families.  To schedule your appointment, call (805) 259-1145.

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