Does Root Canal Treatment Scare You?

Does Root Canal Treatment Scare You?

May 31, 2021

Many people get curious and their minds begin to wander whenever they hear about root canal treatment. But how many people know what a root canal treatment is or what it entails? It can be said that insufficient knowledge about root canals brings about fear. In this article, you’ll be able to find out what root canal treatment entails.

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that involves treating and cleaning out decay or infection in a tooth’s root or the center of a tooth and can also protect the teeth from damages in the future. The teeth consist of the enamel (the hard outer layer), the dentin (which gives the enamel support and forms most of the tooth), the cementum ( covers the root’s surface), and the dental pulp (a soft tissue at the tooth’s root).

If the soft tissues where the pulp is located gets affected by decay, the dental pulp can get infected and in worse cases it becomes dead. A root canal treatment is required and would be performed in the pulp of the tooth. A general dentist or endodontist can perform root canal treatment. During root canal treatment, your natural tooth is kept in place to avoid further damages. However, the tooth would become fragile after the treatment and this is the reason why a Port Hueneme dentist suggests that the teeth be supported with a dental cap after the root canal therapy.

Although most people fear that root canal therapy is the most painful type of dental procedure, however, it’s been observed that only very few people who have been patients of root canal treatment narrate it as their most painful dental adventure. It might interest you to know that despite the fear, many people are getting root canals in Port Hueneme every day.

How Do I Know I Need A Root Canal Treatment?

A dentist is the best person who can confirm that a person needs root canal therapy by performing dental exams on the teeth. However, there are various signs that you should pay attention to.

As soon as you observe these signs, you should see a dentist in Port Hueneme to examine your test

Chronic Toothache

A severe toothache is one of the symptoms that you should look out for. Sometimes the toothache might be persistent or pester you almost every time. Even though it stops for a while, it comes back again. And most times the pain comes from deep inside the jawbone and affects the face and other teeth. This is a warming and shouldn’t be ignored cause toothache can also be a sign of other dental problems like cavities, gum infections, or a decayed tooth filling. Whatever the reason may be, you should see a dentist when you have a toothache especially a type that doesn’t go away.

Teeth Sensitivity

Are your teeth sensitive to warm food or drinks? Do you feel a dull or sharp pain inside your teeth when you take cold drinks or when you eat ice cream? If the pain doesn’t go away even after you are done eating, this could be a sign that the nerves or blood vessels inside your teeth are decayed. A root canal treatment may be required.

Stained Teeth

Stained teeth could be a sign that your dental pulp is infected. When the nerves inside the teeth are damaged and have affected the roots, it can discoloration of the teeth. Researchers have observed that most times, it is the front teeth that shows the changes in teeth color. Though a stain on the teeth can be caused by different reasons you must visit a dentist if you notice a sudden stain on your teeth that don’t wipe out even after you brush your teeth.

Bulgy Or Swollen Gums

When the pulp tissues are dead due to infections and decay, the gums can become swollen. Sometimes people might notice a small pimple on their gums (gum boils or abscess). The infection in the teeth might cause pus to come out from the gum boil thereby causing bad breath or an awful taste inside the mouth.

How Do Dentists Perform Root Canal Therapy?

Before a root canal treatment is performed, you have to book an appointment with a dentist at 93041 who would make sure that you get the best treatment. During the root canal treatment, the dentist will remove the decay and bacteria from the dental pulp, tooth’s root, and the nerves inside the teeth. The infected area will be disinfected with antibiotic disinfectants. The dentist will then fill the roots that are empty and seal the area to prevent the teeth from getting decayed again. After the treatment, the dentist might apply dental sealants or dental crowns to the teeth to prevent the teeth from getting exposed to caries and infections.

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