Explaining Whether Dental Veneers Are Indeed Worth the Expense

Explaining Whether Dental Veneers Are Indeed Worth the Expense

Jan 05, 2022

Dental veneers have various applications, and dentists may recommend you use them on teeth severely discolored from root canal treatments or to change the shape and appearance of the tooth. If you have a tooth shorter than the rest, veneers can help you achieve a symmetrical smile by bringing it in line with your other teeth.

You can consider getting dental veneers to cover chipped, cracked, and broken teeth in the aesthetic zone of your mouth. Veneers are generally placed on the top front eight teeth visible when you smile before everyone. Veneers also help fill minor gaps to make them appear healthy. In reality, dental veneers help with most dental problems that prevent you from smiling.

Despite their immense qualities, dental veneers are not the most affordable dental treatments and can set you back considerably if you decide to have them over your teeth. When speaking to All Care Dental by the Sea seeking veneers near me, you may want to understand whether spending on veneers is indeed worth the expense. Before you do so, we suggest you read this article to understand which type of veneer you should consider hiding your dental imperfections.

What Is a Dental Veneer?

A dental veneer is an ultra-thin surface custom created by dental veneers in Port Hueneme, CA, in their office, a dental laboratory, or the manufacturer’s facilities, depending on the type of veneer you chose to hide your dental imperfections. The surfaces are molded into the shape of your teeth to fit perfectly.

Dental veneers are customized from porcelain, composite resin, and laminates. Porcelain veneers are the most expensive and incredibly durable lasting for two decades or more with proper dental care. Composite resin veneers aren’t as durable but are affordable. Laminates are just as effective as the other two but don’t have the durability of porcelain veneers. When you discuss veneers with the Port Hueneme dentist, they help you determine which tooth surface is appropriate for your teeth, considering your budget, oral health, et cetera.

Do Dental Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?

You consider having dental veneers to improve the appearance of your teeth and not to ruin them. However, if you select porcelain veneers for their durability overlooking the costs, you must endure the irreversible enamel removal process past the dentin. It indicates you must continue having porcelain veneers over your teeth even if you don’t desire them later. The porcelain veneer process doesn’t ruin your teeth but compels you to have them or similar replacements throughout your life.

Except for composite resin veneers requiring one visit to the dentist, all other varieties require you to schedule multiple visits when undergoing the dental veneers procedure. While porcelain veneers need enamel removal, laminates merely require impressions of your teeth for the manufacturers to custom create your surfaces.

The porcelain veneer procedure, besides requiring you to endure the enamel removal, also requires you to manage your prepared teeth with temporary veneers for approximately three weeks until the dental laboratory returns your permanent surfaces. On your final visit to the dentist, you must endure the temporary veneer removal process and have permanent placements over your teeth to show off your beautiful smile.

Fortunately, if you have chosen the no-prep laminates instead of porcelain veneers, you merely provide impressions of your teeth and return home to wait for the manufacturers to deliver your customized placements. After they arrive, you can schedule another appointment with the dentist to have them bonded to your teeth. Therefore except for porcelain veneers that make you go through an irreversible process, the alternatives do not cause any harm to your teeth but improve their appearance after getting them.

Why Are Veneers Worth the Expense?

Not everyone has a perfect smile, including the celebrities you see in movies and television shows. The perfect smiles celebrities display are often the result of efforts by dentists and maintenance. If you are in excellent oral health without any issues bothering you, there is no for you to neglect getting dental veneers to have the perfect smile you desire. You can have all varieties replaced if they sustain damages or fade after regular dental visits. Perhaps the sole exception is porcelain veneers which require similar replacements because of the extensive enamel removal process. Therefore we can confirm dental veneers are indeed worth the expense, especially if you value your smile highly.

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