Fastbraces® – A Revolutionary Method to Straighten Teeth

Fastbraces® – A Revolutionary Method to Straighten Teeth

Sep 01, 2022

Having crowded or crooked teeth can be daunting to your dental aesthetics. However, you can undergo orthodontic procedures to straighten your misaligned dental and restore your naturally-appealing smile. Having Fastbraces in Port Hueneme, CA, is considered one of the best choices you can make for your dental flaws.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces are orthodontic prosthetics that utilize patented technology to give you an appealing smile within a short duration of treatment. The cutting-edge technology is formulated to lessen the time that conventional braces take and the rigorous process involved. Unlike traditional braces, where a lot of time is spent on positioning dental crowns and moving the tooth roots, Fastbraces are more efficient. With Fastbraces technology, your tooth roots straightening begins from the first day. Patented braces also restore the alveolar bone and aid in treating crooked teeth attributed to gingivitis.

The Science Behind Fastbraces Technology

orthodontics in Port Hueneme, CA, incorporate the revolutionary and patented form of dental treatment based on its fast-paced repositioning of your teeth. With fast braces, your dental outcomes are visible during the onset of your treatment. Your specialist uses the innovative brackets to torque and tip the tooth roots and crowns. The process takes about 120 days for you to attain a beautiful smile.

Fastbraces in Port Hueneme, CA, move your crooked or crowded teeth into the right alignment. If you want an efficient way to straighten your smile, Fastbraces can work. Here’s a closer look at what Fastbraces entail:

Patented Brackets– conventional braces utilize square-shaped brackets, but Fastbraces have triangular-shaped brackets. The unique design aids in altering the pressure by braces together with an elastic wire.

Heat Power– the shifting of your teeth is expedited by your natural mouth temperature.

Efficient Alignment– Fastbraces correct your tooth roots, unlike conventional braces that move the tooth roots and the crown separately.

Quick Dental Solution– Fastbraces effectively transform your smile outlook in about 3-months, while conventional braces take about two years. Your treatment depends on how severe your dental looks.

Benefits of Fastbraces

You’ll feel discomfort and pressure during your treatment, but Fastbraces outweigh traditional braces in various ways. The innovative and orthodontic innovation performed at Port Hueneme dental is tolerable and more convenient. Some of the benefits associated with Fastbraces include:

  • Soft-tissue friendly- Fastbraces are comfortable and have minimal friction. As a result, your teeth move gently with minimal discomfort to your gum tissues, and the technology enhances less pain as the tooth roots shift.
  • Ideal dental outlook- conventional braces utilize visible wires and brackets, while Fastbraces are tooth-colored and discreet. The ceramic material used blends with your tooth enamel.
  • Pocket friendly- the advanced orthodontic treatment needs less time and material, unlike other restorative dental procedures.
  • Enhanced oral health care- wearing conventional braces requires cleaning your teeth thoroughly. However, with Fastbraces, treatment is fast and ensures you follow the proper oral hygiene practices without a hassle, lowering the risk of tooth decay.
  • Reduced regular wear of retainers- unlike conventional braces, you don’t have to wear retainers daily to hold your shifted teeth in position.

Are Fastbraces Right ForYou

You can avoid the prolonged treatment with conventional braces and opt for the ideal Fastbraces that utilize innovative technology for your orthodontic treatment. During your appointment for orthodontics in Port Hueneme, CA, our specialists determine whether you are a perfect candidate for innovative orthodontic therapy by examining your dental outlook.

The clear bracket and wire treatment can transform your smile and restore your naturally-appealing smile. Fastbraces address almost all the alignment issues fixed by conventional braces, including:

  • Gapped teeth
  • Crooked teeth or misaligned teeth
  • Oral malocclusions
  • Crowded teeth

Once you schedule an appointment with our specialists at Port Hueneme, you’ll learn more about dental alignment prosthetics.

How to Get Started with Fastbraces

At All Care Dental by the Sea, we recommend you to use Fastbraces for your teeth alignment. The solution is quick and safeguards you from undergoing dental extraction while addressing overcrowded teeth. Also, the patented technology is efficient throughout your treatment and takes about 100 days with a consistent plan.

You’ll likely notice positive outcomes within days. Your orthodontist doesn’t require administering pain relievers since the procedure is non-invasive. In addition, the alignment process is speedy and enables your dentists to perform a dental procedure with fewer difficulties, including installing crowns and cosmetic veneers. So please visit us at Port Hueneme dental and revamp your smile with Fastbraces.

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