Hop Happiness With Calcium-Rich Diet for Your Kids’ Oral Health

Hop Happiness With Calcium-Rich Diet for Your Kids’ Oral Health

Jun 02, 2022

You have probably heard that we are what we eat. The statement rings true when it comes to your kid’s oral health. Oral hygiene is one facet of maintaining your kid’s oral health. That’s why you cannot fail to bring your kid to visit our Port Hueneme dentist for regular dental checkups.

Anyway, the other facet of maintaining proper oral health is nutrition. Yes, nutrition and oral health go hand in hand. Believe it or not, teeth are alive, and as such, they need proper nourishment to be strong and healthy.

What’s more, you have to be careful about your kid’s diet since they need proper nutrition during their formative years to ensure that they are in good health later in life. Calcium is among the critical minerals essential for forming and developing teeth and bones.

So, if you have been searching for calcium-rich foods, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s unpack a few things about calcium, including its importance and sources.

The Importance of Calcium in Your Diet for Oral Health

Calcium is quite an essential mineral in the human body since it is necessary for maintaining several health functions such as maintaining bone and oral health. It’s an essential mineral that aids in the formation of healthy teeth in infants and young children.

Calcium is also necessary for building muscles and enhancing metabolism. What’s more, the mineral reduces the risk of colon cancer and obesity.

That’s not all! Calcium isn’t only necessary for your kid when growing; it is pretty helpful as they age. It protects the body against kidney disorders, bone deformation, and osteoporosis (weak, porous, and fragile bones) later in life.

How to Add More Calcium-Rich Foods to Your Kid’s Diet

The amount of calcium your kid needs depends on their age. Neonates to six months need about 200 mg a day, while adolescents and teens between nine to 18 years need 1,300 mg a day. As a grown-up, the dietary requirement is approximately 1,000 mg a day.

Irrespective of how vital calcium is, most diets people consume don’t contain enough calcium to meet the daily requirement.

The fantastic news is that it is pretty easy to get calcium in your kid’s diet. You can find a plethora of foods with more than enough calcium to help maintain your kid’s daily dietary requirements.

Some of the foods that can help boost the calcium in your kid’s diet are:

  • Dairy Products

Dairy products are usually excellent sources of calcium. Various foods in this category can boost your kid’s calcium, such as cow’s milk, cheese, and yogurt.

  • Oranges

These citrus fruits are known for their high vitamin C content. However, they are also rich in potassium, folate, and calcium. A medium-sized orange is packed with enough calcium and nutrients to keep your kid healthy. Avoid giving your kid orange juice, but give them a fresh orange; they will get more unprocessed nutrients.

  • Soy

Soy is also packed with calcium and can help nourish your kids’ bones and teeth. You can try our soy products such as soy milk and soy yogurt as an alternative to cow’s milk if your kid’s lactose-intolerant.

  • Green Vegetables

Vegetables are always your friend. Your kids will always benefit so much when they take green vegetables such as amaranth, broccoli, spinach, okra, etc. You can also give your kids French beans and green peas since they are also calcium-rich vegetables.

  • Cereals

Cereals such as brown rice are also a fantastic way of adding calcium to your kid’s diet. So, you can try out various ways to make cereals interesting for your kid to eat.

  • Sesame Seeds

These are amazing sources of calcium. They are known for their nutty taste, so you can add them to salads, soups, pasta, etc.

Sample Menu Ideas With Rich Calcium Sources

Kids hate monotony and can easily get bored taking most nutrient-rich foods. So, you have to tap into your creative side and make different calcium-rich meals. Here’s an example of meals that you can try out:

  • Creamy broccoli soup (grated broccoli, cashew nuts, herbs, and spices)
  • Cottage cheese wrap (shredded cottage cheese, tomatoes, onions, coriander chutney, or sauces)
  • Spinach in roasted sesame seeds (spinach leaves, sesame seeds)

You can try out different combinations to make meals that nourish your kid’s teeth. Contact us at All Care Dental by the Sea if you need children’s dentistry near you.

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