Should Adults Undergo Orthodontic Treatments? 

Should Adults Undergo Orthodontic Treatments? 

Oct 01, 2021

Since orthodontics in Port Hueneme is mostly performed on children and teenagers, society tends to view orthodontics as a field of dentistry only relevant to young patients. On the contrary, many adults today and becoming bolder about seeking orthodontic services near them to better their dental health.

What Is Orthodontics?

It is a branch of dentistry concerned with the alignment of teeth. Usually, dentists in orthodontic dentistry focus on straightening and repositioning teeth in the mouth to better the functionality of the mouth and the appearance of the smile. While children are the most beneficiaries of orthodontic dental care, adults are not exempted from such treatment protocols.

To undergo any orthodontic procedure, there is a need for dental braces near you. The general term for braces is teeth aligners, as they come in different forms. The most common type of dental brace is the traditional metal braces that feature metal wires and brackets. These types of braces are very effective for correcting complex orthodontic problems.

Choosing Braces for Adults

When it comes to adult dental care, the focus is not only on the functional element of the oral cavity. Many adults are concerned about the aesthetics of their smiles. This crucial aspect must be underlined throughout the orthodontic treatment, not just after. Thanks to modern dentistry, adults do not have to bear the thought of wearing conspicuous metal braces for several months to straighten their teeth.

If you need to realign and reposition your teeth without undermining the cosmetic appearance of your smile, you have to converse with your dentist in 93041. There are alternative dental braces for shifting and rotating your teeth that do not have metal brackets and wires. Some types of aesthetically pleasing teeth aligners for adults include:

  • Invisalign® braces – are the most common types of adult braces in dentistry. They feature transparent plastic-like trays that are worn over teeth. They are also removable, which adds to the convenience of getting them.
  • Lingual braces – are similar to traditional metal braces; other than that, they go behind teeth. Ideally, the braces are attached to the back of your teeth toward your mouth. No one will tell that you have braces when you talk and smile, making lingual braces the best incognito teeth aligners.
  • Ceramic braces – are also closely similar to traditional metal braces, other than the material used to make the brackets that go on the surfaces of your teeth. Instead of metal, ceramic is used, which is more aesthetically pleasing.

Still, adults can get traditional metal braces. With a change of perspective, you can embrace the conspicuous nature of the braces for the short period you will have them. Besides, for patients with very complex dental misalignments, orthodontists are likely to suggest getting metal braces at the beginning of the treatment.

Aside from that, when choosing a cosmetically pleasing teeth aligner, be ready to stretch your budget. Compared to conventional metal braces, other teeth aligners tend to be the most costly. The reason is that the technique and work involved in installing and adjusting them along with the materials used are more costly than typical metal braces.

Are Orthodontic Treatments Successful for Adults?

The reason why many orthodontic procedures are performed on children and teenagers is that the results of the treatments are realized faster. The bone structure of your mouth when you are young is more accepting of movements propagated by teeth aligners in orthodontics than when you are older. It, however, does not mean that adults cannot benefit from braces. Instead, it means that the treatment might take longer than is the case with children. It also depends on the complexity of your orthodontic problem and the type of teeth aligners you get relative to your discipline of wearing them consistently.

An important fact to master when choosing braces as an adult is that you should be comfortable with the choice you make. This way, you are less likely to get uncomfortable about openly smiling when you undergo treatment. Besides, know that many orthodontic treatments last for up to 24 months before your teeth are properly aligned as per the initial dental expectations.

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