What is Dental Restoration?

Looking into your dental restoration choices because you are currently experiencing one or more oral issues? If you are, good for you for taking the first steps towards having a healthy mouth! You will be happy to find out that there are many restoration options available to you nowadays, making it so that you definitely have choices. Because of the many dental advances that have been taking place over the past few years, you can not only have your mouth restored for good oral health, but you can restore your mouth with cosmetics in mind. This means you can have a healthy mouth and a smile you can be proud to show.

Types of dental restorations

The following is a list of five of the more popular types of dental restorations used nowadays to restore someone’s oral health.

#1 – Dental crowns

When a tooth is in jeopardy, a dental crown is often used to restore its strength. Some of the more common reasons for why a tooth would be in jeopardy include deep chips and cracks. A crown is often called an artificial tooth because it covers a natural tooth in order to restore its strength and looks very similar to a natural tooth. The three main types of dental crowns are porcelain and metal, all porcelain and all gold.

#2 – Dental bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They are permanently held in place when they are attached to the teeth next to the empty places in the mouth where teeth used to be.

#3 – Dental fillings

Dental fillings are used to restore the integrity of a tooth that has somehow been damaged, e.g., by decay or trauma. Today’s options allow for tooth-colored fillings, and many people are choosing this option for cosmetic reasons.

#4 – Dental implants

Dental implants are a popular restoration option for those who are missing one or more of their teeth. Implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone, making it so that they act just like natural teeth.

#5 – Dentures

Dentures are a tooth replacement option that allows those who are missing multiple teeth or all of their teeth to once again be able to perform their everyday functions without issue, like talking and eating.

Are you currently in need of dental restoration services?

If you are currently in need of one or more dental restoration treatment services, the sooner you get started, the better. Your oral health is not only important so you can perform your everyday functions without issue like eating and talking; it is directly related to your overall general health. That means when your oral health is not as good as it can be, it can directly and negatively affect your general health, too. What we suggest you do is call us to make a consultation appointment, as this way, you can completely understand all the options available to you. Ready to get started?

Request an appointment here: https://805dentist.com or call All Care Dental by the Sea at (805) 259-1145 for an appointment in our Port Hueneme office.

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