What’s the Difference between Traditional Braces and Fastbraces?

What’s the Difference between Traditional Braces and Fastbraces?

Mar 01, 2022

When it comes to treating misalignment of teeth, common orthodontics near you options available are Fastbraces® and traditional braces. Today, fast braces are increasing in their popularity due to their unique features. They are ideal for patients who do not like wearing conventional braces for a long period.

Fast braces have a short time frame. So, patients get their teeth aligned within a few months. Since this bracket-and-wire braces system needs special training and the use of advanced dental technology, not every orthodontist provides it. In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about fast braces vs traditional braces.

What is Fastbraces?

Fastbraces® is a safe, fast, and cost-effective way revolutionizing the field of orthodontics. They can correct gaps, crowding, crookedness, and other teeth misalignment problems.

Fast braces add to the front side of the teeth with the wire. Its unique design makes the roots and crowns straight guarantee straighter teeth within a couple of months. The majority of patients complete their entire treatment in 9 months.

Fast Braces: Pros and Cons

Let us dive into fast braces vs. traditional braces:


Here are the benefits of choosing fast braces in Port Hueneme, CA over metal braces:


Conventional braces usually have a two-step procedure that takes one to two years to correct the smile. In the first step, the dental professional moves the dental crown about the gum lining.

In the second step, the dentist shifts the roots. However, the fast braces procedure is simple. It allows both these steps to be finished simultaneously within a 12-month window, which means a speedier treatment. Fast braces also lead to a quick smile transformation.

Cosmetic Appeal

The brackets and wires in fast braces have excellent cosmetic charm and are more comfortable than metal braces. The wires are so flexible that patients face minimal sensitivity in the mouth.


Fast braces use high-quality triangle-shaped braces to enhance the room between different brackets. It allows excellent wire flexibility. This also enhances the torque needed to shift the tooth from root to crown. However, metal braces use square brackets.

Post-Treatment Care

The post-treatment for fast braces is much easier than that of metal braces. After traditional braces treatment, dentists advise patients to wear retainers every day for several weeks. However, the dental expert suggests you wear the retainer while taking a shower or every night while you sleep.


Another disadvantage of traditional braces is that the procedure involves long office visits and extra adjustments. It results in a more price tag as compared to fast braces. Traditional braces usually have a price ranging between $2,500 – $7,500.


Here are the disadvantages of choosing fast braces over metal braces:

Fail to Treat Palate and Severe Bite Problems

Fast braces treatment has a timeline of 12 months. In that time frame, it fails to fix severe bite and palate problems in patients.

Things To Note

With fast braces, you do not need to be concerned about the quality of dental care. It involves the same level of attention during the treatment. However, if your case is complicated, the dentist near you might suggest you have traditional braces.

Our Port Hueneme dental professional will review your unique case and help you to find out whether metal braces or fast braces would be right for you.

Discover the Benefits of Fast Braces Near You Today

Fastbraces is an affordable and quick solution to resolve many orthodontic problems in patients. It involves a simple aftercare routine. Similar to metal braces, this revolutionary treatment moves teeth into better alignment but in much less time.

Fast braces utilize just one wire throughout the procedure. It helps in reducing the teeth straightening appointments. The dental professional examines the mouth of the patient to identify if an expert is eligible for the treatment.

After that, the expert performs X-Rays and takes dental impressions to create a tailored treatment plan as per the needs of patients. Then, they need to see the orthodontist regularly to get the adjustments. Few patients get the fast braces outcome in just a couple of weeks. Fast braces are simpler to clean around as compared to square brackets. Schedule a consultation today at All Care Dental by the Sea.

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