Wintry Smiles: How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During the Cold Season

Wintry Smiles: How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During the Cold Season

Dec 01, 2022

Maintaining healthy teeth requires active participation from you more than for the dentist. The dentist at All Care Dental by the Sea can only care for your mouth once every few months. Therefore, you must take a front seat in caring for your oral health. The stakes are higher for parents who must also show up to cater to their kid’s oral health. With the winter season coming up, you must intently learn how to keep your child’s and your entire family’s oral health in check.

Keeping Teeth Healthy During the Cold Season

Even though you have established routines to care for your mouth all year through, you need to adjust for the winter season. These adjustments will improve your comfort and tremendously lower the risk of oral problems during the cold season. The good news is these tips apply to kids and your entire family.

  1. Maintain good oral hygiene
  2. Replace your toothbrush after three months or after using it when sick.
  3. Use different oral products – like toothpaste for sensitive teeth or a soft toothbrush that cares for your gums.
  4. Keep your hands and fingers away from your mouth – if not, you might catch a cold during winter.
  5. Eat healthily – incorporating lots of foods and vegetables.
  6. Cover your mouth and neck with a scarf – this way, when you breathe through your mouth, you protect your teeth from the cold.
  7. Drink more water – substitute sodas, juices, coffees, and teas with water. They keep you hydrated, increasing the quality and quality of your saliva. The result is reduced acidity in your mouth, lowering the risks of dental infections like gum disease and dental cavities.
  8. Visit your dentist regularly.

How Can You Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay?

If you are keen to care for your dental health, you should know enough about how to prevent cavities. Some tips to help parents prevent dental cavities for their children are:

  1. Reduce the intake of sugary foods like candies.
  2. Cut down on carbonated drinks like sodas.
  3. Drink more water to keep the mouth hydrated.
  4. Get regular fluoride treatments to enrich teeth enamels, strengthening them and increasing their resistance to bacteria.
  5. Get dental sealants to protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth.
  6. Keep your mouth clean.

What Are Some Simple Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is part of preventive care at home that can help you maintain your child’s teeth during the cold season. Some tips for excellent oral hygiene are:

  1. Brushing teeth at least twice daily – you should monitor your child’s teeth brushing technique to ensure they are doing it right. Further, use the right products to keep your teeth clean. Examples include a soft-bristled toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, or an electric toothbrush.
  2. Floss between your teeth daily – flossing targets food debris in the hard-to-reach areas of your oral cavity unreachable with a toothbrush.
  3. Routine dental cleanings – every 3-6 months, make your way to Port Hueneme dental care for dental cleanings. They help boost your general oral hygiene efforts at home.

Why Is It Important to See a Dentist Regularly?

Dentists do not ask you to visit them regularly because they feel lonely. If anything, routine dental visits benefit patients more than dentists. They offer you a chance to involve a dental professional in your oral health journey. Some reasons why visiting your dentist regularly is important are:

  1. Routine dental exams – visiting a dentist for regular dental checkups near you is crucial for excellent oral health. The exams allow the dentist to evaluate your oral cavity, identifying anomalies, if any. Detecting oral problems early plays a significant role in avoiding severe and permanent complications.
  2. Deep cleaning – dentists know when to employ dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from teeth’ surfaces. Besides, dental cleanings also reduce the risk of dental cavities and gum disease.
  3. Habit training – children especially need habit training to help maintain healthy teeth. Poor oral habits like using the pacifier when older, thumb-sucking, and fingernail biting are bad for your child’s oral health. Pediatric dentists invest in habit training to cater to teeth and gums.
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