Preserving Your Oral Health during the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic

Preserving Your Oral Health during the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic

May 01, 2020

Oral hygiene is observed by regular flossing and brushing of your teeth. The diet habits you follow also determine how long-lived your dental will take. Your diet should not be sugar-laced since bacteria thrive on such grounds, leading to dental tissue infection.

Dental health is vital for your well-being. Failure to preserve good oral health may lead to gum infections, dental cavities, and other life-threatening conditions. Your oral infections are linked to cancer, diabetes, and heart-related diseases.

Some Precautions You Need to Take For Your Dental Health during COVID-19

The global dental health associations have shut down most procedures. The routine visits to your dentists and orthodontics have been halted if they don’t require emergency procedures. Here are some of the practices you’d need to uphold:

  • Clean your hands before and after cleaning your dental, preferably with running water and soap for about twenty seconds.
  • Brush your teeth more times each day, to clean out any plaque. Flossing your teeth will also help remove any bacteria
  • Minimize the intake of sticky and sugary foods and ensure balanced dietary practices.
  • Stay hydrated after you take your meals and in-between meal sessions.
  • Limit smoking, which lowers the circulation of blood to your mouth, which attributes to the growth of bacteria.

The Implications of the Immune System to Your Dental Health

If your immune system is compromised, the body functionalities are not optimal, and you are likely to be affected by cavities and dental infections. Some of the symptoms on your dental that indicate you have a weakened immune include:

  • Painless lesions which appear reddish on the lining of your cheek or the gum.
  • Frequent oral fungal infections
  • Recurring bacterial infections on your dental tissues

If you have the above symptoms, you need consultation from your dentist on how to increase your immune power. Some of the recommendations for boosting your immune system include:

  • Controlling your current oral infections
  • Ensuring regular check-ups by your dental hygienist
  • Home-based fluoride treatment
  • Daily use of antimicrobial rinse, and flossing

How to Address a Dental Emergency

You are recommended to avoid visits to your dentist, to ensure both your oral health care provider is safe. You can seek guidance on your condition by making a call.

Dental practitioners have been advised to reschedule all procedures that do not require urgency. You are eligible for a dental emergency if you have a critical dental issue. If you are faced with inflammation or an accident that causes you to bleed excessively, you should seek immediate attention.

Home-Based Remedies to Use on Your Dental during the Lockdown

You are capable of handling some of your dental problems without visiting your dentist.

  • Dental pain is an indication of underlying issues that may be severe. If pain persists, you can seek advice from your dentist on the best OTC painkiller to relieve pain. You need to rinse your mouth using salty water to alleviate pain for a while, as you consult your dental provider for other permanent solutions.
  • For fractured teeth or destroyed dental filling, you can get filling material from your pharmacist to repair loose caps.
  • Broken dentures need repair, and the issue is an emergency. To ensure you contain it, you’d avoid the intake of hard food, before the repair is done.
  • Mouth trauma may be attributed to various factors. Teeth knock-out, fractured tooth, infection on the jaw bone may lead to injury, and you need to seek emergency treatment. To avoid losing your knocked-out tooth, place it back to its sockets, and seek urgent help from the dentist near you.
  • For your children, you need to seek advice from your pediatric dentist on the right procedure to take if they experience pain on their gum lining or other dental tissues. In case you have inflammation, you can suppress the discomfort by use of OTC medications

At All Care Dental, we provide you with both cosmetic and general dentistry services. Some of the procedures involve orthodontics, the use of dental veneers, bridges, and dental implants. Our dentists in Port Hueneme, CA, are devoted to ensuring your dental health care is preserved.

Amidst the fears of coronavirus spread, our dentists have recommended you to make virtual appointments to get a home-based evaluation and oral care on all non-emergency procedures. Our team is willing to serve you through calls on any dental issues you may be experiencing.

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