Emergency Children’s Dentistry Are Scary, but Treatments Are Required As Soon As Possible

Emergency Children’s Dentistry Are Scary, but Treatments Are Required As Soon As Possible

Jan 01, 2021

Getting dental treatments needed by your child for an emergency is scary and filled with anxiety. Regardless of the dental issue, you may consider a visit to the dentist near you to ensure they can alleviate the child’s discomfort. If the dental professional nearby is a general dentist, the possibility of them not being qualified to care for the problem reported by a child are high.

Children are susceptible to confront more dental emergencies than adults. Children are frequently running around or getting involved in contact sports. They can accidentally knock out a tooth, loosen one or fracture it needing immediate dental treatment from an emergency dentist in Port Hueneme. This suggestion could make you wonder why you must consider the dental professional in port Hueneme instead of the dentist near you.

Let us rest your mind at peace, telling you that this dental professional is qualified to treat pediatric dental emergencies where specific procedures are unlike adult emergencies. Let us discuss what you can do when your child either knocks out a tooth or returns home with an oral injury that looks concerning.

Dealing with a Child’s Knocked-out Tooth

If your child falls at home and knocks out a tooth, the chances are high that emergency care in port Hueneme, CA, will not consider reinserting the tooth into its socket. They wouldn’t want to damage any emerging permanent tooth still in the child’s mouth. However, you must take prompt actions are following the accident. The actions are:

  • Recover the tooth gripping it by the crown without touching the broken or bloody end of the tooth to prevent any damages.
  • You can rinse the tooth with some water to remove any dirt or debris, taking care not to scrub the tooth.
  • Young children’s teeth must be transported to the dentist’s office in a small container of milk without trying to place the tooth back in the child’s mouth. Older children can place the tooth back into its socket or hold it between their lips and gums until you reach the dentist’s office. Just ensure the tooth remains in moist condition until you get to the dentist because if you allow it to dry out, you may damage the tooth. Call the emergency dentist as soon as possible to inform them you have a dental emergency on your hand and are on your way.

Children with Fractured Teeth

Tooth fractures are quite common among children who are always getting impacted on their mouths. A fracture could be on the outer layers of the tooth affecting the enamel and dentin, or even extend to the blood vessels and the pulp. Fractures extending the pulp need prompt treatment to ensure the tooth has excellent chances to remain healthy. If you notice your child’s tooth bleeding from the center but not from the gums, you must contact the dentist in 93041 immediately.

Loose and Displaced Tooth

A loose tooth indicates it is fractured beneath the gum line. In such cases, x-rays help to determine the best course of action. On your way to the emergency dentist’s office, you can help your child bite down gently on a towel to apply pressure to the tooth.


Children will often complain about toothaches considering they are prone to tooth decay and cavities. If your child is complaining about a similar problem, do not ignore the issue because there could be an underlying reason bothering the child. Get your child to clean the area of their mouths with warm water without using any medication. Inspect the area visually, looking for food particles or debris trapped between the teeth. If detected, remove the same from your child’s mouth and check whether your child is relieved from the issue.

If the discomfort persists, contact the emergency dentist for advice on what you can do to alleviate your child’s pain. Children may also complain about trauma and infections in their mouths that need attention promptly from an emergency dentist treating children.

Children are prone to report dental emergencies more often than adults. Young children could create a stir when affected by a dental emergency, while older children may remain calm if they frequent dentists for regular cleanings and exams. Either way, you can rest assured the situation is stressful and needs prompt attention from a dentist best suited to treat children’s dental emergencies. The sooner you get to an appropriate dentist, the better it will be for your child to have healthy teeth.

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