Dental Bridges in Port Hueneme, CA

Permanent tooth loss is a common problem around the world, including in the United States. According to studies conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA), at least 12% of people will have lost a tooth by the time they turn 17. By the time someone reaches their 55th birthday, they will be missing 12.

Missing multiple teeth creates a host of problems. It becomes difficult to partake in regular, essential activities like eating, chewing, swallowing, and even speaking properly. The gaps are also often noticeable, causing many to feel embarrassed about their smile. Unfortunately, people are assumptive creatures and often think the only reason a person has lost teeth is because of poor hygiene.

At All Care Dental by the Sea, we want to help our patients in Port Hueneme, CA, recreate their smiles and feel more confident about themselves. To this end, we practice restorative dentistry and create custom appliances like dental bridges to complete smiles.

What They Are

A dental bridge is an appliance with synthetic teeth. The appliance will replace the number of missing teeth you have and can be attached in a variety of ways. Some of permanent, meaning they cannot be removed and will be a constant fixture in your mouth. Others are semi-permanent and can be removed and placed at will.

The end result is the same: You once again have a full smile and will have an easier time engaging in activities and pastimes necessary for regular life, including eating and speaking.

Placement Options

At All Care Dental by the Sea, we can create multiple types of bridges. A permanent model uses crowns to stay in place. These crowns are caps placed over nearby healthy teeth that are attached to the appliance. They are bonded into place and use the healthy teeth for support. Once in place, this bridge will require a professional to remove.

The other option available to our patients in Port Hueneme, CA, is the traditional wire model. This bridge can be removed at will and sits in the mouth using a series of wires hidden behind the upper or lower jaw. These are molded to fit your smile and will keep the bridge in place until you decide to take it out.

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