Fastbraces in Port Hueneme, CA

If you currently struggle with a bad bite in some way, such as an overbite, underbite, crowded teeth, gaps, crooked teeth, open bite, or a crossbite, you likely would like to fix this problem to achieve a healthy, functional, and attractive smile. But who would want to wait two years or more with traditional braces when other options are available? That’s right, Fastbraces® promises to help you with your misaligned teeth much faster than traditional braces. You want something fast and effective, and that’s exactly what Fastbraces® does!

You want stunning results without having to wait a dreadfully long period of time with painful and unsightly braces.

Fastbraces® are completely comprehensive orthodontics. They are nothing like short-term cosmetic procedures that simply cover your misalignment. They can fix your smile permanently, and fast! Let All Care Dental by the Sea in Port Hueneme explain.

What Makes Fastbraces® Different?

Fastbraces® are quickly gaining traction in the dental world because of their almost unbelievable results. Some patients are getting rid of their malocclusions and achieving straight teeth in as little as just 100 days! Compare that to the two years or more than many patients stick with traditional braces. Some dentists wonder how it’s possible, so let us explain!

When you get traditional braces, the first year is usually spent moving the tops of your teeth into place, and the next year is spent moving your roots into place. But that is exactly why it takes so long! Fastbraces® takes care of all the steps at once. They cut out the need for two or three separate steps and combine them into a comprehensive treatment. They begin with the roots and begin to straighten the roots upright from the very first day utilizing their patented technology.

On top of tackling the roots, first Fastbraces® also takes it two steps further. Their patented technology helps to restore alveolar bone and treat gum disease that is associated with crowded or crooked teeth all at the same time! That’s right! Fastbraces® tackle at least four different steps all at once. And that’s how they manage to be so fast!

If you want more information regarding Fastbraces®, please contact All Care Dental by the Sea in Port Hueneme today!

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