Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Port Hueneme, CA

Finding a competent dentist for wisdom tooth extraction in Port Hueneme should not be a difficult process. At All Care Dental by the Sea, we provide professional dental services to individuals interested in both non-surgical and surgical procedures, like wisdom tooth extractions, near you.

Why It Is Done

Wisdom tooth extraction is a staple of dental care in the United States and many other countries. This final pair of molars can erupt normally, but it is more likely they will become impacted. An impacted tooth is one that does not have enough room to emerge from the gums. It could be trapped underneath a nearby tooth, grow at a right angle, or even remain trapped in the jawbone.

Impacted teeth are more likely to become infected and can cause intense pain and suffering. In many cases, the wisdom teeth start to push on the nearby molars, shifting bite alignment and causing crookedness.

To prevent these issues from developing, our dentists at All Care Dental by the Sea will extract the wisdom teeth early in their eruption.

The Process

The first step in getting an extraction is scheduling a consultation with a dentist in Port Hueneme. At All Care Dental by the Sea, our staff members are trained to identify the signs of impacted teeth through x-rays and physical examination.

If your final pair of molars are erupting normally, then extraction is not necessary. If they are trapped and have no space, or are facing the wrong way, then our dentist will catch the misalignment through x-rays.

During a wisdom tooth extraction, a local anesthetic is used to numb the mouth. This prevents you from feeling pain. Some extractions require necessary removal, but others mean our dentist needs to cut through the gums to reach the trapped teeth.


Our office staff will provide information on how to recover, as well as written instructions. In general, your discomfort should disappear after 24-72 hours, and you will need to avoid eating hard foods for the rest of the day after the extraction.

Please bring someone with you on the day of your surgery to give you a ride home.

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