The Truth About Root Canals: How Much They Hurt and How Long They Take

The Truth About Root Canals: How Much They Hurt and How Long They Take

May 01, 2022

A root canal procedure may provoke some fear in many people, but with today’s modern technology, it is typically not a whole more different than having a filling. There is little to no pain as the dentist will use local anesthesia to numb your teeth and gums to be comfortable through the procedure.

The root canal treatment does not take a lot of time. However, it can take at least two hours to complete the treatment.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure involving the removal of the pulp, the soft tissue at the center of your tooth. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, which helps your teeth grow.

The crown or the part visible above your gums can remain intact even if the pulp is damaged. Removing the infected or injured is the best way of preserving the structure of your teeth.

Damage to the pulp may be as a result of:

  • A crack or chip in your tooth
  • An injury to the tooth.
  • Multiple dental procedures on the same tooth that can damage your pulp
  • Deep dental decay due to untreated cavities

The most common symptoms of damage to your pulp include pain in the mouth, a sensation of heat on the gums, or swelling of your gums. Your dentist in Port Hueneme will examine the painful tooth by taking x-rays to diagnose the problem.

How Much Does it Hurt?

A root canal treatment will cause some discomfort. But it is not as uncomfortable as you may think. It is also not as painful as a tooth infection or a cracked tooth. People’s pain tolerance varies widely, so it might be difficult to predict how painful the root canal might be for you.

The good thing is that a root canal cannot be done without anesthesia. Your dentist will inject local anesthesia into the area to numb your teeth, so you will not probably feel any pain during the actual appointment. Your dentist may also increase the dosage of the local anesthesia if you still feel pain.

What is the Average Treatment Time for Root Canals?

A simple root canal procedure can take between 30 and 60 minutes if the tooth has one canal. However, you should be prepared to spend about 90 minutes in the dentist’s chair for a root canal treatment.

A root canal takes significant time because the nerves need to be rinsed, disinfected, or carved out. In addition, some teeth may have multiple pulp canals, while others may have just one. Local anesthesia, the set-up, and preparation may take up some minutes.

The time for a root canal also depends on the type of tooth to be removed. Molars, the four teeth at the back of our mouth, can have up to four canals. This makes it the most time-consuming teeth for a root canal. A molar root canal may take 90 minutes or more since the roots alone take an hour to remove, disinfect and fill.

Premolars just before your molars behind your anterior teeth only have one or two roots. Getting a premolar root canal may take around an hour, depending on the anatomy of your teeth.

Canines and incisors are faster to fill and treat during root canals as they only have one root. Root canals on your front teeth may take up to 45 minutes to be completed, and this does not include getting a crown.

If your dentist needs to put a crown in at the same appointment as the root canal procedure, you must add an hour to the estimated time. This only happens if the dentist can make the crown on the same day in the office. You may have to wait for a short time for the tooth to be healthy before placing the permanent crown.

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